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Going Deeper in 2016: Your Perfect Journey

Beloved Soul in Evolution,

As you learn to raise your vibration on your spiritual journey, you also learn to connect your will to the Universal Will.

What equipment is needed to raise consciousness, based on your individual expression? Taking the unit of energy that you are, the electrical power within you, and connecting it to the power of the Universe, helps you to access understandings faster and awaken more quickly. This is the natural result of connecting to the will of the Infinite.

We have all had unique experiences, in this life as well as in other lifetimes. Because of this, your spiritual journey is designed specifically for you. By connecting to Universal Will (the will of God), you are able to take the perfect steps for you, which are different than steps someone else might need to take for his or her unique journey.

You have the perfect blueprint within you to awaken. You have a road to full awareness that is unique to you. Honor your journey as it is revealed to you, as you honor others on their individual journeys.

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