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Going Deeper: Cleaning Your House of Consciousness

Beloved Soul in Evolution,

How is your spiritual journey going? How are you encouraging yourself each day? These weekly messages are meant to inspire you and give you the opportunity to take your spiritual process to the next level of commitment and exploration.

You have had so many lifetimes, and all those experiences affected where you are today. In order to unravel all those experiences, you have to deal with the emotional pain that has stayed with you through each incarnation. There are also thoughtforms (decisions, attitudes, false beliefs) to erase around the emotional pain.

First you have to identify your emotional pain, which can have a huge spiritual benefit to you by uncovering difficult patterns from other lifetimes that might have been fine for that lifetime, but are not working for you well in this lifetime.

You are responsible for dissolving your own emotional pain. You have to clean your "house of consciousness". When your consciousness house is filled with opposites, unforgiveness, attachment to outcomes, and other third dimensional goings-on, the Infinite part of you can't move freely in you.

Practice this week looking at emotionally painful situations that come up for you. Get out your journal and write about them. Read about dissolving your emotional pain in your Spiritual Power Tools book. There are guidelines and questions to help you to journal through any emotionally painful experience.

Watch this week's video, then write your responses to the following questions...

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