How to Use Spiritual Power Tools to Support Your Soul:

Seven Steps for Releasing Yourself

Course Recording, Reflections, and Further Support

Click here for the audio.

For You to Ponder on Your Spiritual Journey this Week:

  1. What three ideas stood out to you from Sunday’s course?
  2. How are you applying those new insights to your daily life experiences this week?

Other Key Points from Sunday’s Course:

  1. Release yourself to a new aspect of yourself!
  2. The Seven Steps is the best Spiritual Power Tool to help you move more into your Higher Self!

Actions to Take to Go Deeper:

Journal your thoughts on these questions this week:

  1. Life is change! How are you changing in your life? How are you creating a NEW YOU?
  2. What new areas or topics of release did you discover as you worked with this Seven Steps process this week? Use the Seven Steps for another release need in your life, such as another person or circumstance that is or needs to shift.
  3. Listen to the meditation from today’s course. What did you notice during your experience of releasing yourself?

Bring your thoughts, experiences, and questions to one of the Q&A Support Groups this week.

Further Resources on this week’s topic:

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