Going Deeper: The Path to God Realization

Beloved Soul in Evolution, When was the last time you contemplated your soul’s entire evolutionary process? Your piece of consciousness has gone through many, many stages of consciousness, expanding in awareness and third dimensional expression exponentially at each step on your journey. Throughout your evolutionary journey, you have been gaining impressions, thoughtforms, along the way. […]

Release Your Human Attachments

Beloved Soul in Evolution, At some point on this spiritual journey, you become tired of the goings-on of the third dimensional, human existence. There is more to the living, loving energy of Divine Intelligence than every day, ho-hum life. In this week’s video, I share with you a step that was mine to take to […]

The Path to God Realization

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How are you doing on this incredible journey? This is a journey you have spent eons of time walking, becoming more conscious with each lifetime. In this week’s video, I describe this journey of soul evolution through a little allegory. I hope you enjoy it! It’s a delightful story of a […]