Working with the Easter Energy (Dissolving Emotional Pain)

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How are you managing yourself and all that is being brought to your attention by the Easter Energy that came in a week and a half ago? It’s here to move you, and moving you means bringing unresolved emotion to the surface for you to resolve within yourself! In this week’s […]

We Are Connected to Healing Energy

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Thank you for joining me for these weekly meditations. As we meditate together, we are connected in this healing energy. It is a powerful energy that will change your life at depth. It will help you see yourself and your life in a whole new way. When you still your mind, […]

More on Uncovering Your Subconscious Mind

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Here we are again, addressing the subconscious mind! A task as big as exploring, understanding, and dissolving the subconscious mind deserves our time, energy, effort, and discussion–over and over again! In this week’s video on the subconscious mind (part two of last week’s video), I demonstrate using my karmic ball how […]