Embrace Change!

The more we learn to trust our intuitive mind, the more it works for us. Sometimes we have to let go of things that we are very attached to because these attachments are holding us back, and our soul is trying to tell us it is time for a change. It is important to distinguish […]

Leave Your Ego at the Door

Evolution, as we understand it, and as it must be studied by human intellect, is the story of the evolution of consciousness, and not as form. We need to consciously take responsibility for the advancement of our consciousness. Action to take: Become an observer of your daily consciousness and take action to work in the […]

Love Is a Verb, a Noun, and Makes the World Go ‘Round

Every loving deed, every aspiring thought and every unselfish action supports your evolution. Action to take: Work in the best interest of your soul.                                                       ~ Jane Elizabeth No matter how you define love–if you can truly define love–there are a few things for sure: Love is the most powerful of all of our emotions and […]

Be Like an Olympian and Go for the Gold!

Your spiritual goal is to establish and recognize that the God within is the most important work you can do to benefit your soul’s evolution this lifetime. Action to take: Commit to your daily spiritual practice.                                                    ~ Jane Elizabeth As the 2012 Summer Olympics in London wind down, the media is saying this has […]


Everything in your life is designed to grow your soul–to teach you a new skill, uncover a hidden strength, or resolve an ancient resentment.  Embrace what is right before you, and listen within for direction as you move through it. Action to take:  Meditation supports your being “tuned in” and connects you with your intuition. […]