About Jane Elizabeth Hart, Founder


Jane Elizabeth Hart is the founder and spiritual leader of Center for Enlightenment, and the author of Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions; Spiritual Power Tools: Support for Your Soul; and Meditation: Your Key to Accessing Universal Consciousness.




Center for Enlightenment began as result of Jane Elizabeth's own profound spiritual journey. Those that personally knew Jane Elizabeth wanted to learn more about her understandings and teaching on karma, reincarnation and soul evolution. In response to this, Jane began sharing with increasingly larger groups of people about the reality of the soul and how to move beyond the limitations of a personality self.

For many years Jane Elizabeth has helped countless individual's connect with their own inner light — enabling them to consciously participate in their own evolution and work in the best interest of their soul.

Each week, Jane Elizabeth presents a spiritual understanding to inspire and challenge you to move your consciousness. You can subscribe here to receive her latest post.

You are also invited to browse the interactive resources offered here on the center website. These resources include a video library, downloadable podcasts and archives; as well as a variety of courses and other support materials available for purchase at the CFE store.

Jane Elizabeth welcomes your questions or comments and can be contacted here.