How to Use Spiritual Power Tools to Support Your Soul

Course Recording, Reflections, and Further Support

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For You to Ponder on Your Spiritual Journey this Week:

  1. What three ideas stood out to you from Sunday’s course?
  2. How are you applying those new insights to your daily life experiences this week?

Other Key Points from Sunday’s Course:

  1. Unveiling your soul includes working with the pieces of your subconscious “iceberg” that rise to the surface to be healed.
  2. As you work to dissolve those stored soul issues, you become more and more conscious of your Higher Self.

You can use any of the Spiritual Power Tools to help you understand and dissolve the issues stored in your subconscious mind.

Actions to Take to Go Deeper:

Journal your thoughts on these questions this week:

  1. How are you viewing your life differently now that you better understand the powerful influence of your subconscious mind?
  2. How did this week’s course add to or confirm your thoughts on and experiences of karma and reincarnation? What questions surfaced for you?
  3. Make a list of significant souls in your life. Then ask, “Why are they in my life? What do they need from me?

Bring your thoughts, experiences, and questions to one of the Q&A Support Groups this week.

Further Resources on this week’s topic:

Q&A Support Groups:

Bring your thoughts, questions, and experiences to one (or more!) of the Q&A Support Groups this week.

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