Empowering Your Internal Spiritual Channel

“When we develop unconditional love, it becomes the main driving power which ultimately brings us into consciousness with our oneness with God. When this connection is made we see God in everything and truly understand the statement, ‘God is everywhere present.’”                              […]

Meditation — The Key to Actively Participating in Your Life!

“When inner vision has been attained through the practice of meditation, light streams forth and revitalization takes place. At first it is a flash of wondrous information and instinctive realization and then, as progress is being made, it develops into understanding and usually produces action.”                                                                                                                 ~Jane Elizabeth My daily meditation practice causes me to […]

Meditation Expands My Sense of Self

“The goal for all of us is to not limit our consciousness but to expand our understanding of what lies beyond our limited self and seek a more elevated state of awareness which will advance our soul.”                                                                                ~ Jane Elizabeth When I started a daily meditation practice in 1995, I wanted to be calmer, more […]

Linking with My Soul through Meditation

“One of the rewards of meditation for us is to become conscious of our soul rather than the ego personality. As we learn to function as a soul, we can consciously understand all aspects of our being. The gateway to the soul is through daily meditation.”                   […]