Releasing the Year’s Hopes & Dreams‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How did your week go, releasing your disappointments and difficulties from 2015? You may find that you have other situations to add to that step as you continue this process. In this week’s video and journaling questions, you have the opportunity to look at your hopes and dreams from the year, […]

The Importance of Your Desires

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How did you enjoy working with last week’s “going deeper” questions? Did you take time to ponder them? To write your thoughts? As you put energy into your deepening understanding, your desire to know more about Infinite Consciousness within yourself, more and more revelations (spiritual insights) will come to you. In […]

Going Deeper as a Soul Evolutionist

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Are you ready to go deeper into your understanding of your soul and its spiritual evolution? I have been pondering for many months now: How do I support these beautiful souls on their journey? I can’t do the healing, awakening work for them, but I can give tools, encouragement, and support […]