Going Deeper: Understanding Your Emotional Patterns

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Since you have been practicing observing yourself, you have probably noticed times when you have reacted to others or situations from your emotions. It is your assignment on this journey to take responsibility for your emotional reactions and how they affect you and others around you. It helps to realize that […]

Working with the Easter Energy (Dissolving Emotional Pain)

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How are you managing yourself and all that is being brought to your attention by the Easter Energy that came in a week and a half ago? It’s here to move you, and moving you means bringing unresolved emotion to the surface for you to resolve within yourself! In this week’s […]

Cleaning Your House of Consciousness

Beloved Soul in Evolution, In this week’s video, I am addressing Spiritual Power Tool #6: Dissolving Emotional Pain. You have had so many lifetimes, and all those experiences affected where you are today. In order to unravel all those experiences, you have to deal with the emotional pain that has stayed with you. There are […]

Observe Your Emotional Patterns

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Here we go, continuing our deeper look into Spiritual Power Tools! I hope you are using the tools in the last video, “Staying on the Transformation Track.” It’s a good one to reference when you need encouraging reminders when the going gets tough. In this week’s video, I am addressing emotional […]