Forgiveness Is a Process

Although it has been many years since my divorce, I still experience emotional triggers.  I have the blessing of raising my teenage daughter full time.  I’ve experience shortness of temper at times when there should be no reason.  Through my meditation and journaling I find these moments have nothing to do with my daughter, and […]

Why Journal?

Why Journal? Recently I was helping a friend with rearranging his home. It was challenging because I felt there was an easier way to get things done. As the day wore on I felt more and more agitated and impatient, not only with the task at hand but also with my friend. That evening while […]

Desire to Connect with Your Soul

When I became clear that my highest desire was to connect with my Soul, my first action was to establish a daily practice of meditation.  Just by sitting still and being aware of my breath, I found that the anxieties surrounding my daily problems began to melt away.  With persistent dedication to my meditation the […]

Gratitude Supports You through Change

Change Even though change is continuous and unavoidable part of life, transitions can be unsettling.  In spiritual school you are constantly emptied in order to be refilled.  Your ability to handle these experiences gracefully, and not hold onto the pain of change, enables you to be successful in life.  You will then be open-minded to […]