Shine Your Healing Light!

You are a being of light. The strength of your light depends on the clarity of your consciousness, which comes through daily meditation, forgiveness, and giving up the ego. The light that you can shine nourishes those around you, like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, bringing comfort and healing. Action to take […]

“Tune in” with Meditation!

Everything in your life is designed to grow your soul–to teach you a new skill, uncover a hidden strength, or resolve an ancient resentment.  Embrace what is right before you, and listen within for direction as you move through it.  Action to take: Meditation supports your being “tuned in” and connects you with your intuition. […]

Intuition: The Next Phase of Soul Evolution

You have spent lifetimes developing your intellect. You have explored many amazing features of your mind and have learned numerous things about the world. Now you are ready to use your intelligence in a higher way.  The main functions of the intellectual mind are to reason things out and analyze your thoughts, circumstances and surroundings. […]

Reduce the Ego


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Guided meditation: Lay down your ego and let the healing begin. (45 minutes)

Heal Your Soul


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Guided meditation: Awaken and release old patters for healing. (45 minutes)