Understanding the Differences between the Third and Fourth Dimensions

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Even though our Spiritual Power Tools celebration month is over, I will continue going through this powerful little book at a deeper level than I have with you in the past. In this week’s video, I continue discussing the differences between the third and fourth dimension. The most important thing to […]

Moving from the Third Dimension into the Fourth Dimension

Beloved Soul in Evolution, April continues our celebration of the ten year anniversary of Spiritual Power Tools! I hope you have been keeping up with this series on this powerful little book. I’ve been sharing with you deeper meanings within these chapters. This book is my life and is filled with God Essence. In this […]

Soul Evolutionist – Karmic Illusions

Beloved Soul in Evolution, We continue our discussion on illusions this week, and I am breaking down the karmic process for you. It is important to understand the karmic process as part of your evolutionary process. You are on a karmic wheel that moves you through lifetime after lifetime, providing opportunities to fulfill desires and […]

Breaking the Illusion – Part Two

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Now that you had time to think about how you are living in an illusion, I am taking you further with this idea in this week’s video. When your illusions begin to be broken, you have a new perspective on your life. You can’t look at people, situations, or yourself the […]

Breaking the Illusion

Beloved Soul in Evolution, I hope you are gaining strength in your meditations, keeping your daily commitment to be still and receptive to your intuition and out-of-body Teacher. In my video discourse today, I address the illusory play of this lifetime that you are in. It is important for you to understand that you are […]