Going Deeper: Honor Yourself

Beloved Soul in Evolution, You have created the life plan that you are living now out of desires and passions that you have had over many lifetimes. This life is a culmination and manifestation of those passions and desires. Loving yourself is important as you do the work required on this life plan and spiritual […]

Going Deeper – The Pure Essence of Your Being

Beloved Soul in Evolution, I talk to you so much about your spiritual journey from humanhood to Godhood because it is the journey that you are on. There are many aspects to this awakening, and you won’t get it all done in one lifetime; but you are on your way, learning one step at a […]

Commitment Is the Key

Beloved Soul in Evolution, After you pay attention to your deep desire for more than this third dimensional world, commitment is the next key to taking responsibility for your soul. Once you recognize the importance of generating sufficient desire energy to begin to move your spiritual progress forward, then you must back that aspiration up […]

No Desire Is Ever Lost

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Perhaps by now you can see how important desire is on the spiritual journey–desire to know your whole self more than you desire anything else! The spiritual journey does not consist of gaining material goods, but uncovering the Truth of your Being. How is this accomplished? By continually desiring to know […]

The Importance of Your Desires

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How did you enjoy working with last week’s “going deeper” questions? Did you take time to ponder them? To write your thoughts? As you put energy into your deepening understanding, your desire to know more about Infinite Consciousness within yourself, more and more revelations (spiritual insights) will come to you. In […]