Observe Your Emotional Patterns

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Here we go, continuing our deeper look into Spiritual Power Tools! I hope you are using the tools in the last video, “Staying on the Transformation Track.” It’s a good one to reference when you need encouraging reminders when the going gets tough. In this week’s video, I am addressing emotional […]

Dissolving Emotional Pain

Happy New Year, Beloved Soul in Evolution! Do you want to dissolve your emotional pain this year? When you are working on your soul’s evolution, there are a lot of pent-up emotions that come up to be resolved. You live in the opposites within the third dimension, so an emotional situation that is positive one […]

Controlling Your Emotions

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How was your work stilling your mind this week? We are working on developing and strengthening our detached Observer Self. In addition to quieting the mind, you also have to learn to control your emotions—shifting from allowing your emotions to control you, to you being in control of your emotions. This […]