The Gift of the Observer Self

Meditation keeps the channel of communication open between the Soul and brain, via the mind. The first thing we have to do is learn to discriminate between our Soul’s vibration and our personality’s vibration. As you meditate, you learn to differentiate between the vibrations. Ponder on this: What is your Soul communicating to you? ~ […]

Observe, Intuit, Align!

Revelations help us to be the Observer of our life situations so we can make new choices that support our soul. Ponder on this: What have you observed about yourself this week that has helped you make new choices?                                                        ~ Jane Elizabeth I resigned the other day from a position of service that I had […]

Stand Free in Your True Essence

Each soul must ascertain the truth of his being by becoming consciously aware that God resides within him. This can be done through prayer and meditation practices.                                                          ~ Jane Elizabeth Many of us have found our spiritual progress blocked by an attachment to something in our lives that is toxic to our well being. […]

Participate in Your Soul Evolution

To attain a more elevated state of consciousness, we must take responsibility for the evolution of our Soul through meditation, listening to our inner voice, and being an observer or our thoughts and actions. ~Jane Elizabeth We are all evolving as souls, regardless if one is conscious of it or not.  Why not be good […]

Give Your Soul a Lift ~ Meditate Daily!

Now that we have made a commitment to work in the best interests of our soul, the process begins. Our soul is a fragment of God. Through meditation we are linking our consciousness to God consciousness–Universal Wisdom. By making this connection daily we are supporting ourselves to move quickly on the path to self realization. […]