Going Deeper – Feel the Love!

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you move in your spiritual growth, you naturally experience more love for yourself, others, and the Universe. Love is a vibration that moves you forward. As you connect with your higher Self, you receive more of the love that you give. Love is pure, vibrant energy that holds the Universe […]

Going Deeper: Honor Yourself

Beloved Soul in Evolution, You have created the life plan that you are living now out of desires and passions that you have had over many lifetimes. This life is a culmination and manifestation of those passions and desires. Loving yourself is important as you do the work required on this life plan and spiritual […]

Going Deeper – The Many Aspects of Love‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, We are continuing our exploration of Love this week. How was your experience of observing the difference between human love, that is bound to the opposites, and Real Love, that is beyond love and sorrow? There are many aspects of love. You may be most familiar with human love, but as […]

Going Deeper – Love and the Opposites‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, In the third dimension, where the human self lives, the opposites affect us all day long. They dominate our thinking, putting us on one side of an issue, then on the other side, and not ever giving us the truth of who we are. There is a purpose of the opposites […]

Going Deeper – Connect to the Love Within You‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Living from your Higher Self, and breaking free from your lower self is what you are striving to accomplish right now. That below-the-five (on the Spiritual Thermometer) ego self doesn’t want to do anything that supports its own demise and your soul’s triumph. But, the soul is who you are; it […]