Tips on Being Your Observer Self

Being the Observer Self is one of the most powerful ways to change your patterns of thinking, thus changing your consciousness and the light that you are able to shine forth.   What does it mean to be the Observer Self? Sometimes it means watching your reactions arise in the mind, and letting them pass […]

What Is Your ‘Prime Directive?’

As we awaken to our desire for God, that desire becomes our prime directive, our most prominent guiding principle.  From that prime directive, we choose those thoughts, activities and situations which will quicken its fruition—the continual expansion of our consciousness. Action to take: Observe your thoughts, actions and situations in your life.  Are they serving […]

How to Dissolve Emotional Pain

As we become the guardian of our inner space, and spend more time in the observer mode, we become more conscious of our feelings and emotions.  These are the different forms of emotional pain: Resentment, self-pity, depression, jealousy, anger, guilt. Once we consciously observe our emotions and identify them, a process begins; and we are […]