Soul Evolutionist: Journey Up the Mountain of Soul Evolution

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Now that you have committed to your soul’s evolution, and doing whatever it takes to awaken to the God within you, we can take the next steps up that glorious mountain of soul evolution. It is my joy and passion to provide support for you as it was given to me […]

The Gift of the Observer Self

Meditation keeps the channel of communication open between the Soul and brain, via the mind. The first thing we have to do is learn to discriminate between our Soul’s vibration and our personality’s vibration. As you meditate, you learn to differentiate between the vibrations. Ponder on this: What is your Soul communicating to you? ~ […]

Release Those Old, False Beliefs!

Do you find that your mind will fill up with thoughts from old ways of looking at yourself, others or life? Have you noticed that when you make a commitment to change your thinking, all those old, worn-out thoughts come to the surface–loud and clear? Our soul evolution is about releasing those old, false beliefs […]

Meditation: More than Relaxation!

On the spiritual journey, meditation does more for us than relaxing and renewing our bodies and minds.  Meditation teaches us how to get out of our old ways of thinking and behaving. By practicing watching our thoughts as we try to get still, we learn that we are not our thoughts, and that we can […]

Commitment to Change Helps Clear Your Mental Body

Whenever we make a commitment to change, our old habits surface in our awareness in order that they may be overcome.  This activity is the Higher Self of us, shaking out the unusable thoughts and patterns that got us where we are in the first place.  Embrace this mental housecleaning as a sign that you […]