What Happens between Lifetimes?

Beloved Soul in Evolution, One of the biggest questions I receive when giving discourses on soul evolution is “What happens after we die?” It’s a deep question that deserves a sincere answer. In this week’s video, I address this question among others on this topic of that between-life transition. You have a lot of input […]

Jesus’ Evolution into Christ Consciousness

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How are you doing with your spiritual work? By now you are experiencing the benefits of the effort you make. Every moment you spend learning about yourself opens you to learning about your God Self. Many people have asked me who I am, and what I want from this life. In […]

Break Free from Karmic Illusions!

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Since I have been sharing about the subconscious mind the past couple of weeks, revisiting the subject of karma is a natural next step. In this week’s video, I talk with you about your karmic play, how you formed the play your in, and how to break the illusion of who […]

The Importance of Uncovering Your Subconscious Mind

Beloved Soul in Evolution, How have you supported your spiritual self this summer? The information I share is wholly designed to support your awakening. How have you been using your Spiritual Power Tools? As children go back to school, it is a good time to reflect that on the spiritual journey, we are always in […]

Strength for the Journey

Beloved Soul in Evolution, I hope you enjoyed last week’s video–it has such valuable pieces of wisdom and support! I heard from some of you that when you watched it again, you felt like it was the first time, picking up information that you missed the first time I shared it! We hear what we […]