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Final Steps to Release the Year

Beloved Soul in Evolution, The new year is almost here! You have been preparing your consciousness to move into 2014 with a clean state. With this week's video, you are working on the most important step: Forgiveness. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself--the gift...


Looking at Your Life Plan – Self Study Lesson Course

Exploring the Self Study Lessons Looking at Your Life Plan Course Recording, Reflections, and Further Support Click here for the audio. For You to Ponder on Your Spiritual Journey This Week: What three ideas stood out to you from Sunday's course? How are you applying...

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Stop the Emotional Yo-Yo

As we move forward on this spiritual adventure, we are beginning to understand the value of being the observer self and why detachment is so important. By now you have begun to notice how emotions play such an important role in your life and color your decision making...

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Developing Utter Detachment

Now that you have connected with your observer self and have practiced watching yourself in action, you are developing utter detachment. This brings freedom from worries and suffering. When you are attached to your outcome, you can't observe yourself properly and this...

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Develop Your Observer Self

It is now time to develop our observer self. The reason this is such an important spiritual tool is because it helps us to observe our behavior and actions with others. By watching ourselves in action, we can stop ourselves from falling back into old patterns and make...

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Break the Illusion of Separateness

Our intuitive facility is the instrument that breaks the illusion of our limited self. Every illusion recognized and overcome "clears the way" to our unlimited Self, because illusion is based on living in the opposites. Action to take: Daily meditation helps to break...

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Create a Meditation Station

Now that we have made a commitment to work in the best interests of our soul, the process begins. Our soul is a fragment of God. Through meditation we are linking our consciousness to God consciousness--Universal Wisdom. By making this connection daily we are...

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State Your Intention! Send Me an Email

When we have a strong desire to know our real Self in God, the next step is to make a commitment to consciously participate in our soul's evolution. This powerful request will resonate throughout the universe and will begin the process that will re-prioritize and...

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Desire to Know Your Real Self

The spiritual journey does not consist of gaining material goods, but of uncovering the Truth of our Being. How is this accomplished? By continually desiring to know our real Self in God. When we discover this, we will find God is in the midst of us and our real Self....

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Commit Daily to Move into the Fourth Dimension

As a person in the third dimension, you look at life through a tiny peephole in a fence, and you have a narrow perspective. When you are in the fourth dimension, you are entirely above the fence. You always have an unlimited view in all directions. This higher vision...

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Merge Your Will with Divine Will

Let us affirm today that we are ready to take on a new spiritual opportunity for growth by merging our individual will with divine will. This is a powerful statement. We have been given free will. God will not force his will on us without our okay. With this...

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