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Your Evolutionary Journey

Beloved Soul in Evolution, To begin this new year, I am reviewing certain aspects of the spiritual journey with you. The new energy that came in for 2014 is moving humanity forward, and it is supporting you in moving forward, too. The evolutionary journey requires you...

Dissolving Emotional Pain

Happy New Year, Beloved Soul in Evolution! Do you want to dissolve your emotional pain this year? When you are working on your soul's evolution, there are a lot of pent-up emotions that come up to be resolved. You live in the opposites within the third dimension, so...


Meditation with Jane: Absorbed in the Infinite

Following Center for Enlightenment's Sunday Course on "What Is God Consciousness?", Jane Elizabeth Hart, CFE's Founder and spiritual leader, shared her light, love, and energy in a powerful meditation to support your soul. BE ABSORBED IN GOD CONSCIOUSNESS! Take in...

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Recognize the Vibration of Your Inner Guidance

Learning to listen to your divine guidance is very important for many reasons.  It is helping you develop your intuition and inner voice and learn to recognize its different vibrations. Your willingness is the only condition necessary. Release your investment in...

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Practice Using Your Intuition

Intuition is an abstract experience.  It is not the mind, common sense, or value judgments.  By observing ourselves, we become aware of how our consciousness operates.  Through this process we learn the difference between the ego/mind and the higher...

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Develop Your Intuitive Mind

The intellectual mind's main function is to analyze, reason and memorize. The intuitive mind's main function is to expand our consciousness. As we develop our intuition, our intellectual mind takes second place to the intuitive mind. Our intuition is the bestower of:...

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Move Beyond the Opposites

Our ego was created to live in the world of opposites. We evaluate ourselves from this point of view: pain and pleasure, love, hate, joy, sorrow--all the different experiences in the opposites. There comes a time in our evolution when we no longer need to experience...

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Learn To Deal With Your Fears

An important step to take on our spiritual journey is to learn to deal with our fears. Every person knows fear. It is easy to recognize because it comes with a vibration and energy all of its own. Fear dominates most situations and puts a damper on many happy moments....

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Moving Through Karmic Patterns

We are all moving through karmic patterns from the past. Our dreams, hopes and desires are being played out right now. In order to have a greater understanding of our life, we need to recognize that many of the things we are experiencing right now have their roots in...

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Universal Knowledge Becomes Universal Wisdom

The only way to make this transition from knowledge to wisdom is to focus on the "NOW" moment. It allows us to use our Mind differently. Why is this important? The mind, when it is in the state of NOW, is an electrical energy, vibration and a powerful tool. It is a...

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Your Desires Have Energy

Our desires are very important, because God will fulfill our every desire, if not this life time, then in a future life. Action to take: Watch this week's YouTube video. Make a list of your heart's desires. Next, prioritize your desires. Now release them to God to be...

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Important Souls in Your Life Have Been with You Before!

We live in a world of Karma (cause and effect). Whatever is going on in our life, has been brought forth from the past. Our past lives are the history of our Soul. Action to take: Make a list of the really important souls in your life, with the knowledge that they...

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