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Jesus’ Evolution into Christ Consciousness

Beloved Soul in Evolution, What are you releasing for Lent to support your soul's evolution? Are you meditating more? Making a commitment to journal a little every day? Practicing being in the present moment throughout the day? Any effort you make will help you take a...

What Does Lent Mean to the Soul Evolutionist?

Beloved Soul in Evolution, I'm so happy to share with you this week's video on Lent! It may be strange to think about Lent as a Soul Evolutionist. You might think, "I'm not into that anymore", or maybe you never were. Maybe you think, "I'm a Soul Evoutionist. I don't...

Observe Yourself and Embrace Your Changes

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Now that you have spent a few weeks experiencing meditation with me and other Soul Evolutionists, how do you see your meditation time differently? Has it inspired you to go deeper, knowing that there are others who want to explore their...


Going Deeper – Let God Dream in You‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Your spiritual journey requires you to be flexible and free to turn on a dime. To move from one karmic situation to the next, you can use the Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions to help you to make the switch more easily. As you move...

Going Deeper – Reincarnation and Forgiveness‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Continuing with forgiveness, souls you are close to in this lifetime have been with you before, like them or not. They are there for a purpose, and you can uncover and understand your responsibility to that soul. That is how we work with our...

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Abrir la puerta de su conciencia

  Cada día es un nuevo día. Abracemos el día con alegría y entusiasmo. Como dejamos viejos patrones de pensamientos y entrar cada día esperando una nueva posibilidad y escuchar a nuestro guía anterior, abrimos la puerta...

Humildad verdadera

  ¿Qué es la humildad verdadera? Cuando la humildad verdadera estar presente, permite que nosotros sirvamos desinteresadamente y separamos del resultado. Piense humildemente, hable sabiamente y trabajo sin cesar.      

El coraje para tomar los pasos espirituales

Cuando nos casamos nuestra voluntad con nuestro deseo, el siguiente paso es desarrollar coraje para tomar decisiones espirituales y atenerse a ellas. Es importante recordar que el valor más desarrollamos, se vuelve más fuerte y más rápido nos movemos nuestra conciencia.

Reflexione sobre esto – ¿qué es el siguiente paso valeroso que desea tomar?