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How to Use the Spiritual Thermometer

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Have you enjoyed our discussion about the subconscious mind the past couple of weeks? You have probably learned that when insights come to the surface from your subconscious, emotions arise with them. In this week's video, I am going over...


Your Soul’s Evolutionary Process – Sunday Course

Exploring How Your Soul Evolved Your Soul's Evolutionary Process Course Recording, Reflections, and Further Support Click here for the audio. For You to Ponder on Your Spiritual Journey This Week: What three ideas stood out to you from Sunday's course? How are you...

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Each week, a video teaching is added here in support of your spiritual growth.  Click here for information on weekly Sunday Courses. To receive weekly insights via e-mail subscribe here. To browse these weekly messages by topic, visit CFE blog archives.

Making Right Choices

How do we make the right choice when confronted with a decision? There is a lot of fear about making the right decisions. Our mind has a tendency to waiver between “should I” or “shouldn’t I.” Action to take: A good measuring stick is to...

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Bridge the Gulf between Yourself and Others

The ego is a hindrance to spiritual advancement. Because it feels separate and alone, it feeds upon being exclusive. Every thought, feeling or action that springs from the "ego" creates a gulf between one's self and the rest of life. Action to take: Develop an...

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Observe How the Ego Measures & Compares

The ego lives in the opposites--joy, sorrow, love, hate, etc.--and feels inferior or superior according to its judgment of the situation. The ego constantly measures its limited self with other limited selves because the ego wants to feel special and unique. Since the...

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Dethrone the Limited Ego

Last week's Support For Our Soul was about observing our ego self in action. Our ego keeps us so involved in the desires of the limited self and always justifies its behaviors and actions. It is very tricky. Actions to take to dethrone our limited ego: Continue to...

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On Fire for Moving Forward!

Our souls are on fire to move forward to experience all that we are in every aspect of our life. How is this done??? Action to take: By becoming an active observer or a witness of physical and mental happenings, we develop utter detachment and this lifts us out of our...

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Embrace Each New Day with Joy and Gratitude

Let us begin this new year 2010 with an intensification and refocusing of our hearts and minds on our spiritual journey. This intensity of purpose will change us from simply plodding along the path into "souls on fire" ready for change in every aspect of our life....

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Release & Completion of 2009

We are now ready to take the final two steps which are Release and Completion. The Sixth Step, Release, gives you time to review your progress. You are preparing to fully release your memories, both positive and negative, as well as your dashed hopes, broken...

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Releasing Disappointments and Difficulties

This is the week we take Step Four, Disappointments and Difficulties. The next two steps are of major importance and the most difficult. By journaling and working the process you will find yourself at the end with a whole new consciousness. Action to take: Journaling...

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Releasing Hopes and Dreams

This week we are focusing on the Third Step, Hopes and Dreams, we had for 2009. Now the year is closing and our hopes and dreams are important to review because it gives us an opportunity to acknowledge them and release them to be fulfilled in the future. Action to...

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