Going Deeper – Universal Energy Supports Change

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Energy from the universe supports you in taking responsibility for your spiritual growth and making changes that support your soul’s awakening. The change in the third dimension is in the opposites, just as any other action and reaction. Change happens, and continues to happen as you grow and evolve. Your power […]

Going Deeper – Feel the Love!

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you move in your spiritual growth, you naturally experience more love for yourself, others, and the Universe. Love is a vibration that moves you forward. As you connect with your higher Self, you receive more of the love that you give. Love is pure, vibrant energy that holds the Universe […]

Going Deeper – Mind Your Vibration!

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As a spiritual student on this journey, you are responsible for the energy that you are sending out to other people. You are a blessing to others when you bring light to others–you lift their vibration with yours. That is a major responsibility as a soul in evolution! As you clear […]

Going Deeper – Own Your God Self‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, As you move into the Presence of the Infinite, you have to own that Presence. How do you do that? You have the responsibility and opportunity to awaken to your Infinite Self in this lifetime. Don’t become complacent with the spiritual understanding you have right now. There is always more to […]