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We Are Connected to Healing Energy

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Thank you for joining me for these weekly meditations. As we meditate together, we are connected in this healing energy. It is a powerful energy that will change your life at depth. It will help you see yourself and your life in a whole new...


Going Deeper – Let God Dream in You‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Your spiritual journey requires you to be flexible and free to turn on a dime. To move from one karmic situation to the next, you can use the Seven Steps for Successful Life Transitions to help you to make the switch more easily. As you move...

Going Deeper – Reincarnation and Forgiveness‏

Beloved Soul in Evolution, Continuing with forgiveness, souls you are close to in this lifetime have been with you before, like them or not. They are there for a purpose, and you can uncover and understand your responsibility to that soul. That is how we work with our...

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Evolución consciente

Evolución, como lo entendemos y como debe ser estudiado por el intelecto humano, es la historia de la evolución de la conciencia y no como la forma. Tenemos que ser consciente y asumir la responsabilidad para el avance de nuestra conciencia. Esto se...

Todo de amor

Cada hecho amoroso, cada pensamiento de aspiración, y cada acción desinteresada apoyan su evolución. Trabaje por los intereses mejores de su alma.

Support Your Soul

Each week Jane Elizabeth adds a video teaching here in support of your spiritual growth. You are invited to share your thoughts in response. To receive weekly insights via e-mail subscribe here. To browse these weekly messages by topic, visit CFE blog archives.

Meditation Expands My Sense of Self

"The goal for all of us is to not limit our consciousness but to expand our understanding of what lies beyond our limited self and seek a more elevated state of awareness which will advance our...

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Linking with My Soul through Meditation

"One of the rewards of meditation for us is to become conscious of our soul rather than the ego personality. As we learn to function as a soul, we can consciously understand all aspects of our being. The gateway to the soul is through daily meditation."              ...

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Forgiveness Is a Process

Although it has been many years since my divorce, I still experience emotional triggers.  I have the blessing of raising my teenage daughter full time.  I've experience shortness of temper at times when there should be no reason.  Through my meditation and journaling...

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Why Journal?

Why Journal? Recently I was helping a friend with rearranging his home. It was challenging because I felt there was an easier way to get things done. As the day wore on I felt more and more agitated and impatient, not only with the task at hand but also with my...

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Desire to Connect with Your Soul

When I became clear that my highest desire was to connect with my Soul, my first action was to establish a daily practice of meditation.  Just by sitting still and being aware of my breath, I found that the anxieties surrounding my daily problems began to melt...

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Gratitude Supports You through Change

Change Even though change is continuous and unavoidable part of life, transitions can be unsettling.  In spiritual school you are constantly emptied in order to be refilled.  Your ability to handle these experiences gracefully, and not hold onto the pain of change,...

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Cooperate with Your New Alignment

Many shifts are happening in the world right now, which means shifts are happening for each of us!  When we cooperate with the higher energy of our souls, we are able to move through the door of new opportunities that is open to us.  If we resist, hold on to...

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Affirmations for Your Spiritual Alignment

Your desire for your spiritual alignment adds power and energy to your spiritual journey.  The energy you put into your daily spiritual practice is returned to you in support from the Universe one hundredfold!  Action to take: Meditate on the affirmations...

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